Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School has started...

Well, I'm back up in Butte doing the school thing. I'm glad this will be the last time.

For all of you that are wondering... hey Ben, how was your first day of class?... well let me answer that for you... I feel asleep in class! So I guess on a good note, I am starting up right where I left off.

I have been busy trying to get all the erans and things done I didn't get a chance to do this summer.
Oh, yeah Kate is happy for her upgrade (the plate).

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Zent Family said...

You fell asleep? Sounds like you need to go to bed earlier! I'll have Hannah give you some pointers on sticking to a bed time (ha, ha...) Have you made any more decisions about what you are going to do with your offer? Good luck and stay awake!