Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bourbon Street / New Orleans

This place is freaking crazy... New Orleans is difinantly a different place than the Rockies. I can't believe how much water there is. And I must say, Salt water fishing is pretty fun. I went out yesterday and did a little fishing. We ended up heading out to a bunch of platforms and fishing of an older one. Caught a lot of fish and fried them up for dinner. (the actually wasn't even that bad)Oh yeah a few pictures of the fishing:

Atlantic Sharp Nose Shart, Sheep's Head, Spanish Mackeral, Flank Fish, and Pampano

My Fishing Boat for the Day!!! got to love them oilfield boys

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Zent Family said...

How fun!! I always think salt water has a funny smell--was it the same down south? Was it a shock to go from warm weather to the snow...I often forget it is really fall!