Wednesday, November 26, 2008

November Trips

Well its been a busy November... school is getting old; so I have been taking Kate out a lot. Went out to homestake a couple of times. Then on the way home for Thanksgiving we made a trip into the cabin. It was a cold day.. but finally by about 11 or so, i finally had the cabin warmed up enough that I couldn't see my breath.

To bad there ain't any snow: Well there was some snow at the highway, may 6" or so. Stayed that way till the creek. The further in you went, the less snow there was.

I'm just ready for the next adventure!!!



Nikalous said...

too bad there ain't any snow

Zent Family said...

Brrrr...looks like just the thing for a tough WY/MT guy like you. Us cA girls would not have done so well. I does look like you had a good might be a while before you make it back up there.

Zent Family said...

CONGRATS!!!! You are a college grad--way to go!!!