Thursday, May 14, 2009

2 weeks gone.


My days off are done and I'm back at it again on the rig.
Its funny how a person changes. My first days off, I didn't know what to do with 2 weeks. Hell, I couldn't tell you the last time I had 1 week off, let alone two. After about 1 week off, I was ready to get back at again... well, not any more. Now it seems like 2 weeks ain't long enough.

I had a good weeks off. I did spend a few days in the office working on some projects, but other than that it was a lot of play. I was able to hit a few bucket of balls, which is always nice. Took kitty out several times!

This last weekend, Lou, Anthony, Cameron, and I went up to transfer station (up above Mancos) and went camping and riding. It was a good time, and lots of stories.
camp site

my sleeping bag (on left) and their tent (right)
Spent all Saturday morning getting Cameron's truck unstuck. (Anthony and him decided to go four wheeling that morning.) Unfortantly I haven't put anything in my new truck so I didn't have any chains, ropes, or pull ropes to use. We tried using Kate to get it out, but didn't work the greatest. So we ended up having to run down to Mancos to buy a tow rope.

So the afternoon we took the quads out and had some fun. My quad is deffinantly not a sled. And then on the way back to the trailers Cameron rolled Kate :(. Luckly he got out with very minor damage (2 staples in the head, a soar shoulder, and a little road rash). Kate got a pretty good beating though. She is up in the shop... waiting for a quote.
poor Kate

Well I best get back to paying attention to the rig, so I'll chat at you all later.

-- JAMMIN --


Nick said...

I'm really sorry about Kate. I hope she gets up and running quick. Your camping site looks so pretty!!! Not at all what I would have pictures for New Mexico. Enjoy work!!

Jammin said...

Kate is up in the shop, so we will see what the damage is. And, we was actually up in Colorado.

Bryan said...

that is a really pretty camp site- What happened with Kate is she going to be fixed???

Hope all is well