Thursday, September 24, 2009

Days Off

Well, I actually stuck around for my last days off... It was nice to be finally be able to get some things done around the house.

Also, took the quads out a couple of different days... One day above Silverton and the other above Ouray. Saw snow both days (but nothing too crazy since both times I was 12,000' - 13,000'.


Storm Moving in
Kit and Kate!!
More Photos of the storm coming in.
So it was a good days off, unfortantly I'm back at the grind again... I guess on a good note, is I don't spend too much money out here.


Big Mama Morgan said...

Love the pics of the storm moving in. BTW, thought I'd let you know my "recipe" for peach cobbler was wrong... I tried it again tonight and realized I should have told you 2 cups of bisquik to 1 cup of sugar... or like Mike told me tonight, "Can't we just use a premade cake mix?" So I guess a yellow cake mix would suffice in a pinch (dry, not made up).

Bryan said...

It is fun to look at the blog-
Hope all is well.