Friday, January 15, 2010

2500 Miles

Well after working Thanksgiving and Christmas, I decided it was time to go home and visit. And NO, I did not schedule myself to work Thanksgiving when everyone was home (however, I'm not to upset I missed all the grand kids).

So I made a big loop. Left Farmington on the 1st (Friday), went up to Bountiful and meet with Mike and Jessi. Got to see Lilly (she is a year old now), so that was fun. Then went the rest of the way up to Logan to crash for the night. It was fun to see Tanner and Jayce; it had been I think almost a year since I've seen Jayce. Except Tanner kept killing me, he just kept asking me "where is your girl Uncle Ben".

Left Saturday morning and went up to Riverton. Showed up a day early in Riverton to surprise mom and dad only to find the padres went down to Green River for the day to take Zach a mattress. So I got to hang out with Max till night (I even shared the stove top Popcorn with him).

Tuesday, mom and I went to Casper for the day. Got to hang out with the boys, which was a blast. Played Wii, chess, and blockit. Fun games. Oh, and I also got to open my presents: RED HOTS, butterfingers, a travel book, and a sweet Wyoming Cowboy table cloth. Thanks much boys!!!! Spent the night and went back to Riverton on Wednesday.

Friday I went down to Laramie, spent the night with Nik and Michelle. Had some fun hunting on the Wii. Saturday morning I went over to Zach's and Bri's for breakfast. Good times in Laramie with the bro's and sister-in-laws.

It was a great trip. I decided between this trip and going to California last days off, it is much funner visiting the nieces and nephews for a day or two at there house then getting them all together (however, it is fun for an hour or two with them all).

When it was all said and done, I ended up putting 2500 miles on Ted over the week.

Don't worry everyone... I'm planning my next trip. Thanks for the great time all!!!!!

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Zent Family said...

I'm so glad you got to see everyone. I know the Bertag boys LOVED having you for the day!!! Yes, we did get passes... so you will have to come out for another trip and we will take you to the Enchanted Kingdom!