Sunday, February 14, 2010


So I finally got some pictures as promised. I was just going to add them to the old post, but I figured I'd put them on a new post, that way it looks like I have another post.

Kit's new nerf bars.

My sweet new DVD/Blue ray/Video Games shelf. It matches the TV stand I made earlier. Oh yeah, check out them sweet bins I even stalled on the back side!

I also finished painting the trim in the hallway, living room, and dinning room. Here are some before/after pics.




Bryan said...

looks like you got a lot done around the house- looks nice!!
Hope all is well

Zent Family said...

What is up with the bachelor pad look? I guess it fits you!!! I'm so glad you got to stop to get the BEST LEMONADE in the WHOLE world!! Just thinking of it makes me want to go and get some....

Lyle and Mary: said...

Nice job on the home repairs, but you might want to watch a little more HGTV to improve those home decorating skills, or perhaps add a womans touch :)