Thursday, July 1, 2010


OK, so those of you that guessed Moab, you was correct. Went up with Ryan, Heighly, and Ohio. We ended up doing a few trails. Poison Spider (minus the loop), Golden Spike, and Golden Bar (backwards). Went by Gemini Bridges. And came back to the truck by some old "grandma" trail. The grandma trail by far had some of the best scenery. It was a good trip. Everyone came home and nothing was broken!! Just a few pics...

Climbin a wall


The end of "Golden Spike" and the start of "Golden Bar"
Going down the end/start wall shown above.
Sitting on top of the ledge just W/SW of Moab. (At least I think its on the west side)

Mushroom Rock... At least thats what I call it...

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Zent Family said...

What a great place to go climbing!!! Glad everyone (and everything) made it home safe.