Monday, September 20, 2010

New Roots!!

Well, if you hadn't heard yet, I got some new roots as of last Monday. I was suppose to fly up to Montana Tech on Monday afternoon, but had to re-schedule my flight because of an emergancy root canal. Friday night I made dinner with Ryan and Heighly... French toast, eggs, and bacon. A delisous dinner might I add. Was cleaning up, and all of a sudden, my tooth just started to hurt. Well needless to say the rest of the entire of the night was nothing but pain and more pain in my upper back tooth. Heighly went and got some Red Cross Tooth Ache stuff that worked partially only some of the time. I did find that mouth wash seemed to calm the pain... must be all the alcohol or something (Ryan wanted to go get some hard liquor for me). So finally morning came and I called the emergancy/on-call dentist (Thats right I actually called) and described my pain. By this time the pain had started into the jaw. He gave me some pain killers and wanted to see if we could make it through the weekend. So I started to thake the Loratabs, but by afternoon the pain was even worse, and the drugs didn't do squat! So by early night, I called back to the dentist again... The pain was through the jaw and started to give me a head ache by this point. So he had me taking a Loratab alternated by 600 - 800 mg of ibprofin. Needless to say a couple of hours later, I was feeling pretty good, the pain had seemed to mild down; but there was some side affects. Heighly was enjoying my loopy comments and slurred words. Anyways, made it till Monday and got in to the dentist. My nerves died, thats why the pain was so bad, and were dead by the time we got to them on Monday. Drilled out the old roots, put in some new cement ones. All I know is I feel great.

Its kinda funny, Woosley (a guy I work with) was just describing to me 2 or 3 weeks back about this crazy crazy tooth ache he had. He ended up getting his tooth pulled. He says he has had a hurniated disc in his back, and that don't even compare to the tooth ache he had. He doesn't know how I handled it... He finally took a loratab and a couple shots of wiskey to kill his pain.

But life is good. I'm no longer poping pills like a drugy (I downed more pills that weekend then I have in the past 2 years). The tooth is still sore just a bit to the touch, but I feel good.

PS... Loratabs make me hiper.

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Zent Family said...

I am so glad you got it taken care of!! That would have been zero fun...for you, but it seems you friends got a kick out of it :)