Sunday, November 28, 2010

A greateful heart.

Well... Its that time of year to be thankful. It is way to easy to get busy with life (I tend not to have any difficulties to stay busy) that we forget to take a moment and step back and look at all we got:
  • Grateful for my great family. I love them much!
  • Grateful for the super cool nephews and nieces. Sorry boys... but them girls and flippin cute!
  • Greatful to have the knowledge of Jesus Christ and his restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Thankful for my job! I enjoy turning to the right and don't forget... TURN AND BURN! I call it Black Opps... Getting drilling in the black.
  • Greatful for a Father in Heaven that knows me and loves me.
  • THANKFUL for all of you that read my BLOG!!! Thanks for leaving comments, it makes my day.

Until next time... keep it turning to the right.


Zent Family said...

YEA!! We are so thankful for our Uncle Ben!!!!

John said...

Ben what's your email. Let me know. Mine's