Sunday, March 13, 2011

Moab (a bit late)

Well I was a bit late with these, but here are a few more pictures from our trip up to Moab.
The "Gang" (on Saturday)
"Lions Back"
"Hell's Revenge"

The rides (Friday morn)

It ended up being a great weekend. Had lots of fun and great weather (mid-20's morning time warming up to mid 40's during the day). Trails were pretty much ours. Didn't get to do Hell's Revenge all the way, got about 1.5 miles in and hit a little south facing ridge of slick rock: a slight slant (sloping towards a 30' - 40' drop off), a rock face on the other side (which allowed no sun), and about 1-1/2" of unmelted snow on the rock. So we decided to turn around.

Great day bay all!

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Zent Family said...

So fun...we really need to plan a trip. I think the girls would have such a great time riding with Uncle Ben!!!