Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Guy Night

So might have gotten myself in a bit of bind the other night.  Kaci had a girls night the other night. So Shawne and I decided we needed guys night... Brats and fries, a classic guy night ritual.  We decided that what more manly way to cook them then on a fire!  So we started the fire and had it going before Kaci left the house.  She went out side just to check up on Shawne (who was hanging out by the fire).  Shawne told her, "Mom, dad and I are going to have a pretty fun night, so please don't stay and ruin it".  FYI... Let it be known, I had nothing to do with that comment.  What can I say, guy night is pretty dang AWESOME!  Especially when I got a great little guy to spend it with.

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