Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Parentals a LA CASA

Well 2-1/2 years later, my parents finally decided to visit their long lost son... Oh wait, I guess they forgot they even had a son named BEN. Its a good thing the grand kids's most favorite, or otherwise "uncle Ben" really would be lost and forgotten.

Well we stayed pretty busy at LA CASA:

Went to the Aztec Ruins:

(The ruins are actually of the pueblo people, not Aztec. The city just got named Aztec. The ruins are similar to that of the pueblo people in mexico, just ours are older, ha ha Mexico.)

Went to the Rig:

Saw some country side:

Instead of snowmobile tracks all over the mountains, there are quad and motorcycle tracks all over.

Any ways, we had lots of good times down here. I think I might even be able to get them back, I have lots of insentives over the other siblings in the family... for instance:
  • At my house, they can get a full nights sleep, unlike the grandkids's house.
  • At my house, they can get a nap in, unlike the grandkids's house.
  • At my house, they get to go ride quads, at the grandkids's house they have to walk the dog.
  • At my house they don't have to change diappers!!!!!!! (unlike the other houses)
  • At my house mom gets to buy new clothes, at other houses she just seems to get handed clothes to mend.
  • At my house its breakfast burritos, the grill, and eating out. At the other houses it cold cereal and Mac & Cheese. (and I even have pickles too)
  • At my house mom gets to: 1) sleep in, 2) go to the gym, 3) ride quads, 4) eat brownies, 5) watch movies, and ect. ... At the "others" she doesn't even get to #1 on the list.
So I think it was a good time. We did lots. Mom bought stuff and Dad bought stuff.

Oh and last but not least.. At your houses they have to play with little fake plastic at toys, at LA CASA they get to play with real toys:

Oh yeah, check out the padres, ain't they a sexxy couple!!!!

(Besides they look super young next to the 1000 year old ruins.)

So I think they had a good vacation to the high desert mountain plains of the four-corners New Mexico area, aka San Juan Basin.

For the rest of you all, I have activities planned for ever one, so you all need to come and visit.

THE LOST (but re-found) SON


Bryan said...

Nice Post-
Walking the dog- is always a highlight when people come to my house!!!!!

Nice truck- it looks good-

Hope all is well

Zent Family said...

Pretty funny!!! I wouldn't take it personal, I have grandkids and they haven't come out to visit me in a year and a half. I guess it must be something about being a middle child!!! I am so glad you guys had a good time.