Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another fast 2 weeks

Well it was another quick days off. Ran back up to Wyoming again. Went to the cabin for a couple of days. Helped put of the new garage/shop. It turned out pretty good. I still can't believe how green it is for middle/end of Aug.
Then I came back down off the mountain to Mom and Dad's for Nik's reception. It was fun to have Amber and Josh home as well, but I was happy to leave. I did bring my girls back home with me.

Well work is work. I am glad just to have a job. They just announced that COPC will be dropping another 2 rigs, which is crazy... we will be 4 rigs compared to 12 last year. Well best get back to the grind.



Zent Family said...

How beautiful!!! Keep working hard to keep that job... your a home owner now!

Jammin said...

Yeah I know... Its kinda scary, I'm just glad I graduated last year and not this fall.

Big Mama Morgan said...

That's right, more work, less play :) Glad your "long-distance relationship" worked out with your *honeys*.