Monday, August 3, 2009

New Rig

Well I'm not doing very good at keeping up. It has been pretty busy though. I ended up switching rigs in last month, and in the process had to bump by schedule around... ended up pulling a 30 out of 35 day hitch, which was pretty long. I was pretty shot by the end of it... To many late nights/all nighters. I'm on AWS 730 now, and am enjoying it. Right now we are drilling a dual lateral and I am learning lots.

I am up to like 11 nights I think now at my place, not bad for being there since May. Its a good thing Kate didn't get done and I had to stay around for a couple of days, or I'd be like at 8 or something. Went up to the cabin on last days off; meet Jeff, Josh, and Tanner up there (Dee as well) and we poured a cement pad for a little shop/garage. There wasn't much play time, but oh well. I left Durango (waiting around for Kate to be done) at about 6 tuesday night. Drove all night tuesday, pulled into Riverton about 3:30 and stopped and got donunts for mom and dad. Went home and laid on the couch from about 4:00 - 5:00, when I got up mom told me I needed to go back to bed and I hadn't slept long enough... I just smiled and told mom, this is what I do now, hell... I even got an hour nap in, that an hour more than a lot of nights.
Well got to get back to work.. Hope you all are doing well.


Zach and Brie said...

It really sounds like you don't get enough sleep. Your mother was right! Hope all is well. Miss you!

Lyle and Mary: said...

All work and no play makes Ben...

never boring, but probably making some mula. You need more play time!
Oh, and beauty sleep too.

Bryan said...

Hey Jammin-
It is fun to read your blog-
Hope all is well- have a good 2 wks. at work