Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rig Hitch

Well its another hitch on the rig. It has been busy as usual. My first several nights were really busy... We have been up in the forrest for the past 2 hitches, so it has been fun to see the colors change. When I first showed up (back in september), the bushes and trees were green and yellow. When I left the leaves were yellow/orange. When I showed up for this hitch the leave have been orange/brown or fallen off. We have several deer that don't hang out "around" the rig, but are often found hanging out on the road withen 1/4 mile of the rig. There have been elk too. I guess there is a couple of huge bulls just up the road.

Last week it was some nice and pretty days... that has changed this week though...



So much for our nice fall time... Winter has come.

Winter time

Well I got to go freeze my little rear off and drill some gas so you guys can sit in comfort.


Morgan Familia said...

So is it hunting season :) I don't know many people willing to let deer or elk hang around for too long in October!

Zent Family said...

What beautiful pictures!! It is funny to think of snow when we still are wearing shorts!

Jammin said...

It just started this week.