Saturday, December 12, 2009


Well... after finally telling April that I would come visit her for almost the past year, I finally decided it really was time to come hang out for a bit. After finding a good deal on a plane ticket, it was a perfect time to go visit April, Nick, and their girls. It was a good old time... Here are some pics I actually stole off of April's blog.

April, Hannah, Page, and Audrey

I got to read "twas the night before Christmas" several times... its a favorite of Hannah's.

Me and the cutties infront of a baby mamoth.
We went to La Brea Tar Pits... It was really interesting.

And we got to even eat pancakes for dinner (Who can say not to breakfast!)

It was a great time. Between hanging out, reading, yummy breakfast beagles, and everything else I enjoyed California (even though it rained all Monday; so much for visiting the sunshine state).

The trip back was a bit evenfull. Sat in Denver for several hours trying to get a plane back to Durango... lets just say a little snow storm hit Durango.

So after a long day in the airports, I finally made it to Durango only to dig out Ted.

But I'd have to say, even with all the airport delays, the snow, the rain... My trip to California was pretty dang fun. Thanks girls!


Zent Family said...

We are SO GLAD you came to see us. Maybe your next visit will be a less bit wet. The girls sure do love their Uncle Ben!!

Morgan Familia said...

Aw, look at you being all cuddly and sweet. That's not the Ben we know :)
We do hope we get to see you sometime, too.