Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sun up on Sunday

Well, I got called out to a rig last night at about Midnight... so I'm privileged to get to watch the sun come out this morning out on the rig! Its been a while since I've gotten to do so. However, I spent all week looking forward to sleeping in this morning. Hhmmm, I went from sleeping in, to no sleeping at all; something doesn't sound right, oh wait, i'm a DRILLER!

Besides, they didn't name me tweak for nothing.
It has been a couple of pretty busy weeks. They only TV I have watched the last 2 weeks, was this Monday's night episode of Big Bang Theory, which was as good as usual. A lot of work, the gym, and a little play.

I am kinda glad to say I still have a roommate. Matt signed and closed on their house the 9th. So we moved his stuff over that night, only to move it back on Sunday. Matt will be waiting to "move in" with Jessi. What a sweet future husband.

We have also been taking out Ryan's Jeep (he finally got it). It has been a blast.

The Jeep!

Last weekend we took out the quads and the jeep. Yesterday we just took out the jeep. We are all pretty excited for the lift kit, tires, and rims to come in sometime this week.

Well hope you all are doing well!



Zent Family said...

That Jeep looks like a ton of fun. We miss you Uncle Ben!

Mom said...

You look good in morning sunrise and the jeep looks way fun!

Big Mama said...

Are you sure that's why they nicknamed you Tweak? Ha :)
I'm glad Matt won't be abandoning you yet. We'd hate for you to get lonely.
Lily's getting excited to see crazy Ben when you're down for the wedding. Hope you plan on spending some time hanging out!

Zent Family said...

You always make the best comments on my blog!!!

Bryan said...

Hope you had a GREAT B-DAY!