Saturday, May 22, 2010

In the works

So its has been a busy couple of weeks. I really haven't spent much time at the house at all. During the beginning of May we put a lift on Ryan's jeep. Pretty much anytime I wasn't at work I was with Matt and Ryan. A week ago I was swamped at work. I left my house at 4 AM Monday morning and by the time a got back about 7 PM on Friday, I'd only spent about 15 hrs at my house throughout the week. Then I was down in Houston this past week, got back yesterday afternoon... just to be going back down there Friday (have to go say bye bye to Matt).

So first Ryan's jeep. Here is a picture of it stock.

Ryan's Jeep Stock

And now... some after pictures..

Finally got to take it out!! Its a lot of fun to go out with Kit and Kate...

Other than that it just been busy at work. My week in Houston was pretty boring. I'm glad I'm finally done with Engineering Academy.


Zent Family said...

Poor Nick is drooling with envy!! How much fun!!! P.S. Enjoy the wedding.

The Tolman Family said...

Looks like lots of fun! I hear we may be seeing you here sometime soon! Is this true?