Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Intern 0 Rock 1

So took the jeeps out again the other day... This time we had the intern from Art. Lift..

We will let the pictures tell the story..

Intern looking at run...

Start of the run

On the way up

And then....

The butt pucker effect..

Its a good thing there is a rock there.
Butt pucker #2

Butt Pucker #2

So no worries. Got the winch out, got the intern to the top, he put on a some clean underwear, and life was back to normal.

Ryan approaching run.

Ryan going up and over...
(some of the rubber left on the rocks is from Ryan)

All and all, it was good time. The intern came out of it with just a little bit of scraps on his front right fender flare.

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Zent Family said...

My goodness...that looks like some scary fun!!! Glad everyone went home ok!!