Sunday, May 1, 2011

Me (to be continued)

So hopefully this helps those of you out there that don't know me. I wanted to do something that even though you may live like 1260 miles away, you can get to know me just a little bit better. So I have two parts: (1) A small little paragraph describing me and (2) A few pictures that describe (or at least I think they describe me) me and who I am.


Part 1:

So I am a small town country boy from Wyoming. I am pretty simple and like to keep things real. I put holes in the ground for a living and love what I do (Yes I am oil field trash). I really am just a boy that still is trying to grow up. I love to play with toys (I just have bigger ones now than I had when I was little).

Part 2:

High on Life / Living Large

A phrase or two that describes me would be "High on Life" or "Living Large". Each day I wake up above on the right side of the ground (above ground) is a great day; another day to enjoy life and enjoy all that I can.

Bachelor Pad

So here are a few pics of my house that describe a few things about me. And while you are checking out the pics you can check out my sweet interior design abilities I have.
Check out them sweet self-made curtains (oh wait, you can't see them they are camouflaged). They work great at keeping the light out and peekers from looking in.

Wow, I even have art work.

Like my dressers? I think that has to be about the sweetest ones around. Good luck finding something better.

A garage full of toys (Kelly and Kit). They get to sleep in side.

And last, a living room full of important stuff: gun, back pack, coolers, boots, ammo cans (storage), gps, binoculars, jerry cans for Ryan's Jeep, K&N oil filters... just a bit of everything.

A Soft Heart

So I am no John Wayne, but i do think I am pretty rough and tough... but my mom always tells me I have a soft heart. I don't really know where she gets that from. I do have to admit I do have a heart and there are a couple of things that get to it. The nieces and nephews definitely make that list.


So there you go. That's for you... there will be more to follow, when I get the chance.

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John said...

gotta keep the peepers out ha.