Sunday, October 2, 2011

The new lady!

Well I must admit, I have been planchando big time. Heck its been like what...May 1st... that I have been on last. And I haven't even shared anything about the new lady (you will have to wait till the end).

Summer has been super busy. I did make a trip home and got to see the entire klan...lets just say there was lots of little things running around. Glad to see the grand kids.

Weekends I am not working, I have been up above Silverton playing up in the mountains. Lots of miles on dirt road... Hiked a 14K+ peak.

So I guess you all are anxious to hear about the new lady...

She it hot! Sexy! She is super fun! Hmmmm.... likes to move fast (don't tell Mom)!

Check her out!

Damn she is sexy!


Zent Family said...

Very nice!!! Does she have a name?

Jammin said...